5 Most Frequently Asked Beauty Questions (and Answers)…

1. I have dark circles around the eyes, does the treatment help my skin type?
Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes happen for a number reasons: one would think of hereditary reasons, but it is mainly due to sleep deprivation, fatigue, or simply caused by dehydration over a period of long time.
You can work all your magic by putting tea bags and circles of cucumber around the eyes, but the dark circles continue to haunt you unless you get yourself some serious help with one of these products. Now, what about different skin types? We understand there are over seven billion people out there and there with at least seven million skin types and conditions. Does one solution fit the bill? Absolutely not! You can try inexpensive serums, but you will soon realize they don’t go the distance you want them to go. In that respect, you really need to get some serious ingredients to help you, but it all comes with a price.
2. Does everyone have to have crow feet? Is there any solution at all for wrinkles around the eyes?
Many feel this pain. They are not generally aged at all, they don’t mind the wrinkles and lines on their forehead, but they can’t stand the wrinkles around the eyes. Not everyone experiences the crow feet, but many in our studies and observations, many in the English speaking countries are prone to wrinkles around the eyes. The solution that we think best suits your need is a simple Anti-wrinkle eye cream; this cream has demonstrated a revolutionary anti-oxidant formula that utilizes an interconnected chain of silicone based organic polymers that provide remarkable smoothing results to the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. I need to attend my college re-union party, I need to look the best, is there an instant formula out there to help me?
Yes, we understand the effective skin care regimen is more like an ongoing process, but in this world the needs are different. Many people need instant lifts and tightening of their sagging skin to portray a younger looking skin on a given occasion, whether it is a wedding ceremony or a school re-union. Before, we break it down the details of the magic product, we have to warn you, these are absolutely not to be treated as long term products. Give it a good try with this product, this simple product with Phenoxyethanol (C8H10O2) and Magnesium Aluminum Silicate (MgAl2SiO6) has been quite effective in treating 100s of people in the last 4 years. This is really like an instant plastic surgery. It goes well with your current makeup products and needs only 5 minutes that’s it. Believe me, you will certainly look different in your pictures.

4. We live in a cold country, do we need worry about Sunblock? What SPF should we use? Why do we pay $$ for a Sunblock and what do we care about its therapeutic value?
All are good questions. First and foremost, you need sun screen or sunblock regardless of whether you live in a cold country or warm country. As long as you are exposed to sun, you need it! There are certainly cheaper alternatives and spray versus cream choices. We recommend a cream and we also recommend a costly product with good ingredients where they go beyond their primary role as sunblock and over extend themselves into reducing other skin conditions. Take a look at this product, not a famous product at $$ price, but take a look at its ingredients, the advanced formula contains pharmaceutical grade anti-oxidants, acids and minerals. For 60 ml, the money is well worth it. One tube will last for the entire season. The therapeutic value comes from hexa peptides, that will provide the long lasting anti-aging benefits.

5. How do we clean our face? Do we need Cleansers or just the household soap will do?
We saved the best for the last. Imagine, we use soap everyday to clean our body, why not extend the same to our face and be done with it. Really? No, not at all. This articles cover the full details about face cleaning: http://agereversalcts.com/index.php/face-cleaning-an-essential-skin-care-routine/
In short, everyone needs a separate face cleanser, organic, less geeky products do the magic. I think you can afford to pay $$ for 120 ml that will last for months, take a look this wonderful cleanser which does extremely great job, but not so extreme on the price or harmful effects:

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