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AgeReversalProducts.com is one of the leading anti-aging products review & research portal on the Internet.  Our website content is written by a four member editorial panel covering the updates constantly from North to South and East to West. This site is maintained by professionals and experts in the health care arena.  We update the web site weekly with unique content and pictures, in fact just in the first week of launch alone the web site’s SEO and Rankings improved by a whopping 67%.  That is a true testimonial that there is still a need for unique content and providing such content is our forte.

Who are our audience? Any one who takes good care of their skin, health, and looks – that means we have a majority audience who just want to look younger and feel better.

What do we write about? We care everything about skin care and we cover anti-aging, age reversal and skin care products and topics such as:

  • New Product launch
  • Ingredients and Products in the news
  • How-To articles involving anti-aging products
  • Anti-aging product videos
  • Quick help and easy to use remedies for skin emergencies
  • Full spectrum Skin care  product reviews and analysis
  • Skin care products in the media
  • Various consumer reviews
  • Other links, portals and valuable discussion groups

The anti-aging skin care market is among the fastest growing segments of the health & beauty sector.  Age reversal products are a key component in facial rejuvenation and they can help people look younger by providing both instant and long-term results.  It is our challenge and opportunity to keep up with the exploding market with leading brands, current development and research.

Yes, we do accept advertising in many shape and forms.  We offer the advertisers a plethora of sites in the skin care and anti-aging niche.
In addition to Text and Banner Ads, we also welcome:
- New Research updates
- Product Announcements
- Sponsorships and sponsored posts
- Facebook and Twitter updates
For Advertisement inquiries, send an email to info at AgeReversalProducts dot com.
As always, the content must pass strict inspection from our Editorial committee and we always reserve the rights.

Disclaimers & Disclosures.

As per FTC’s requirement (12/1/2009), the FTC requires bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations.  We strive hard to report factual information, citing sources, on  anti-aging and skin care related topics.  We update the site periodically to stay up to date ourselves with new products and news.

- We are both advertisers and publishers ourselves.

- We do affiliate marketing for several other products.

- We are a legal entity in the USA and we strictly adhere to all the local and national laws.

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As per FTC's requirement we provide full discloser when we review a product or when we generate potential traffic to any particular website. We have a four member editorial team who put the required effort and time in adding valuable content to this site. It takes quite a bit of work to get the constant updates and reviews. We are sometimes incentivized by companies for sending them visitors. This is our hobby, just plain blogging in all common standards. We provide honest reviews which are based on opinions, studies, trials, experiences, clinical tests, products' claims, effectiveness of age old ingredients, proven results etc. We do NOT rank the products or reviews based on the advertising income. The small income that we generate here is used for up keeping the site and generating original content. We appreciate your visit and thanks for reading our posts. Our goal is helping you find the best skin care products. Copyright © AgeReversalProducts.com 2012. All Rights Reserved. No part of this web site or any articles may be reproduced without written consent from the chief editor.