Why do you care for Dark Circles so much?

>Well, the reason is simply because Dark Circles are unsightly, it adds the age and worry factor to any face. No one wants to look old, but at the same time, no one wants to carry a look of worry in their face – Dark Circles and Puffiness around the eyes are notorious in adding age and worry factor to any face or any skin for that matter.

We recently served a worried customer from Canada, she was quite worried – for all her life she had the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes and she didn’t know better. Luckily she came across our Dark Circle Serum on Amazon and two weeks later she saw considerable difference in her appearance – read the feedback yourself to see how happy she was at the end of just two weeks.

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Best Dark Circle Cure

This is not a new eye serum that has been getting great reviews by eye cream consumers as a dark circle cure.  Sure, we all look for an end-all solution to eye wrinkles, bags, and puffiness.  BUT, the big thing that really makes us look bad are dark circles.  Dark circles are nasty, and if you need to make an impression in public or with anyone of importance, you simply can’t afford to have dark circles under your eyes.
After reading other eye cream reviews about this eye serum, we gave the Dark Circle Serum a shot.  It’s been the best dark circle solution we’ve found so far, and one we can proudly endorse at agereversalcts.com, one of the leading databases of anti-aging products. Feel free to check out the Official Website of Wrinkle System for more information about this breakthrough dark circle serum.

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Clinically Tested!  Best Dark Circle Eye Serum

For those of you battling dark circles, and don’t care about eye wrinkles, this may just be the best eye serum for you.  Launched in 2009 from the popular anti aging brand Wrinkle System, this eye serum is formulated specifically for dark circles and puffiness.  Dark circles are one of the worst traits someone can have – they often times lead to judgments by others that may think you lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

The most impressive thing about this eye serum is that there is clinical data that backs up it’s claims.  In clinical testing, this product reduced dark circles by 35%.  Also reported in the clinical testing was a great reduction in eye puffiness (31%) and a 42% improvement in overall skin smoothness and texture.

Note: These clinical are for this EXACT product – they are not based on individual ingredients.  In layman’s terms, this means that the exact product we are talking about had those exact claims backed up, time and time again, in a laboratory test supervised by certified officials.  Our group of eye serum reviewers tested this product for themselves – the reduction in dark circles was amazing – please continue to read the rest of the Dark Circle Serum review to find out more about this revolutionary product.  contains an active complex of soy and rice peptides, yeast protein, Hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extract.  Working with natural ingredients and powerful peptides seems to be the best formula for dark circles, as this eye serum was tested thoroughly by our skin care testing group.  Here is what they had to say.

Matt T, from Alexandria, VA writes:

“I use this daily in order to freshen up.  As someone who stays up late playing around on my computer, I feel this is one way I can combat dark circles and look fresh each morning when I go into the office.”

Ester, a mother of three, had this to add: 

“I am under constant stress with my two children – dark circles and puffiness are a constant threat to my appearance.  Since I’ve been using this dark circle eye serum, I’ve had no problems with either of those two skin problems.”

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Dark Circle Serum Review

Dark Circle Serum

Wrinkle System’s Dark Circle Serum got a big media push when it was revealed that Denver area makeup artist Danica Jardien uses it to get rid of dark circles under her eyes. You can see the full DarkCircleSerumreview by clicking on the link. There is even a 6 minute YouTube video posted by Danica where she shows exactly how she conceals dark circles. It’s quite informational and in the video clip, Danica talks about how she tried many eye serums without success, but that in just two short weeks, the Dark Circle Serum by Wrinkle System worked well.

So why is this such a big endorsement for Wrinkle System?

Turns out, Danica Jardien is someone special. In fact, she’s a makeup artist to the stars, working with the likes of Tyra Banks, Barack Obama, Big Boi from the hip-hop group Outkast, and even the Denver Nugget’s superstar Carmelo Anthony. Seems that if her services are good enough for supermodels and the PRESIDENT of the United States, that she probably knows what she is talking about.


Here is the low-down on the Dark Circle Serum, including some pro’s and con’s:

Reduces Wrinkles NO
Reduces Dark Circles YES
Reduces Puffiness YES
Contains Antioxidants YES
Amazon.com Ratings Positive
Overall Rating A (Best for Dark Circles)
Website www.WrinkleSystem.com

One thing that impressed us was the fact that the claims the Dark Circle Serum make are backed up by clinical tests. In fact, in laboratory tests, the Dark Circle Serum showed a reduction in dark circles of 35% in a 30 day period. To top that off, it showed a reduction of puffiness that forms around the eyes by 41%. Wow. While this is NOT an anti-wrinkle serum, this is by far the best treatment we’ve found to get rid of dark circles, and it should be a staple in your skin care regimen if you suffer from them.

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Dark Circle Eye Serum

Dark circles around the eyes are biggest enemy of a beautiful face and flawless skin. They are just like marks on bright moon that make your face dull and ugly. Dark circles are formed under eyes due to many reasons. One of the reasons is lack of sleep. Whatever the reason may be there are always ways to get rid of them.

Main causes of dark circles:

There are many factors that cause the formation of dark circles.

  • Inadequate sleep
  • Depression and stress
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Less water intake or dehydration
  • Skin aging

Whatever the skin problem is everyone wants a quick and safe solution. Many of the brands claim their products to be the best solution but most of them are expensive and do not work. People need something that really works and is safe to use. The products with natural ingredients have high demand.

healthy beautiful skin



Dark Circle Serum is clinically tested remedy for dark circles. It was launched in year 2009 by one of the leading anti-aging cosmetic Wrinkle System. The best thing about this product is that it is clinically tested to reduce dark circles, eye puffiness and wrinkles under eyes. Clinical tests proved that it reduces dark circles by 35%, eye puffiness by 31% and bring an overall smoothness to skin by 41%.Dark Circle Eye Serum

The impressive thing about the serum is its ingredients that are quite natural. It contains active peptides of Soy and Rice, Yeast Protein, Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed Extracts.

Eye Serum

Eye Serum


Dark Circle Serum contains:

  • Soy peptides
  • Rice peptides
  • Yeast proteins
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Seaweed extracts

Soy peptide:  Soy is a rich source of protein. It is used in quality skin products because of certain characteristics it owns. It reduces wrinkles, removes sun burns and tightens the skin. It moisturizes the skin and balances skin oil making it tight and wrinkle free. It increase the rate of collagen production hence makes the skin firm and tight. Soy extracts work very effectively to reduce skin wrinkle and dark circles by balancing skin moisture.

Rice peptides:  Rice peptides are best for stimulating the collagen production. They tighten the skin and make it wrinkle free. They also balance the skin moisture and remove skin dullness. That is why they are effective in removing dark circles and eye puffiness quickly.

Yeast proteins:  Yeast proteins are very effective in the formation of new skin cells. The dead skin layer gets removed and new and fair skin comes out. Yeast extracts are used in many skin care products.

Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid is becoming popular recently because of its anti-aging properties. It maintains the skin moisture and makes it fresh and youthful. It occurs naturally human body. HA or Hyaluronic acid is used in eye disorders as well. It is becoming a strong ingredient of anti-aging products because of its wide range of benefits for skin.

Seaweed extracts: Seaweed extracts are rich in vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy and youthful skin. They are natural exfoliating agents to remove dead skin cells. So they are used in many beauty products especially in anti-aging cosmetics.

healthy skin and eyes

sxcHealthy Eyes without Dark Circles Around The Eyes

Benefits of Dark Circle Serum:

  • Reduces dark circles
  • Skin smoothness
  • Discoloration of skin dullness
  • Combats eye puffiness
  • Safe to use ingredients
  • Quick results

The Dark Circle Serum can be used just to treat dark circles and puffiness around the eyes or it can also be combined with a couple of combination products such as

2 Minute Wrinkle Drill: Dark Circle Serum used along with Extreme Cleansing Gel and Wrinkle Reduction Cream provides easy three step application process taking all but two minutes to dramatically reduce wrinkles in addition to reducing dark circles and puffiness.

AM / PM Eye Alert System: Dark Circle Serum used along with Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream providing optimal way skin reacts to certain ingredients during the day and night and to effectively fight wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

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