Dark Circle Treatments – What’s Selling?

Many consumers are looking for that end-all cure for dark under eye circles.  Perhaps the most common, yet hard-to-cure sign of aging – dark under eye circles – occur for many reasons, from genetics to stress.   Each month we report the best selling dark circle treatments on shopping websites such as Amazon.com.

Last month, a brand that has held numerous promotions on our site – Wrinkle System – held the top honor of best selling dark circle treatment.  With 64 products listed in this category, this is a testament of how well this product really works.  To be the best selling product in any market segment on Amazon.com is very difficult, so we’ll take a look at what’s helped the product become a favorite among consumers who are plagued by dark under eye circles.

Here is a link to the product on Amazon.com

For starters, let’s state the obvious – this product is clinically tested.

Clinical testing is not something to be taken lightly. It costs north of $100,000 for each trial, and it requires diligent record keeping as progress is charted.  Fewer than 1% of skin care products are clinically tested.  Many skin care companies are quick to point out the successes of ingredients they use in formulas and their respective clinical testing statistics, BUT these are not entirely reflective of how the product reacts with the skin.  Here are the numbers, according to the product description on the manufacturer’s website:

  • 31% reduction in puffiness
  • 35% reduction in wrinkles
  • 42% improvement in skin smoothness

Bottom line, this is a serious product and a lot of thought, testing, and trial-and-error went into making the product that is available to the public through the Official Wrinkle System Skin Care website or other authorized re-sellers.

Additionally, the product is 100% ORGANIC.

If you research eye creams (we include serum-type products as the market is shifting to “serums” as they are medically advanced) or other anti aging products, you will notice many of the best selling products are made with imported cosmeceuticals.  This is the way the anti aging industry is moving, as many people believe in the clinical tests the ingredients boast.  Nothing wrong with that, and who are we to argue with minds that include Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Guthy Renker products like Meaningful Beauty, and of course, the pharmacists who conjure up the great formulas people have fallen in love with at EliteSkin.  These are skin care leaders, brands that have evolved and lead with a devotion to science.

We make this point because there are some people who simply don’t have the financial means to buy $100 products each month, which most cosmeceutical products start at.  Other people, like Gayle, who contributes decades of knowledge in skin care to this very eye cream website, do not have the same success with these products.  Gayle is an organic skin care product fan, and typically selects products that are natural and paraben-free.  She’s an avid fan of natural skin care products, and there are many people in the same boat.  (Not to mention without the cost of importing high end ingredients the price drops about 35%.)

So, if you are looking for something made of natural resources, this organic eye serum is a great way to reduce dark circles that form under the eyes.

Furthermore, this product is the choice of beauty expert Danica Jardien.

Danica, who owns Make-Up Envy, is a make-up artist to the stars.  She’s been a make-up artist to Tyra Banks and the President of the United States, among others.  She did an update to her YouTube channel and admitted “this is the only eye serum that I use to get rid of dark under eye circles.”

A year later, Danica is now the spokesperson for the brand and she performs video tutorials showing people just how to use the dark circle serum and all other skin products made by Wrinkle System.  For those of you who have never used anti aging products, it’s a pretty good way to familiarize yourself with the various products designed to treat aging skin.

In closing, there are many “verified” reviews posted from consumers that appear on Amazon.com.  (Verified means the review is “real” and the person actually bought the product through Amazon.com, so they make this distinction to differentiate it from the reviews people just leave that may or may not have bought the product.)

The product has a 4.5 rating (out of 5) at time of running this story.  This is the first time we’ve delved into Amazon.com’s anti aging products and reported what is selling, but this is something we will be doing throughout 2011 to continue on our quest to help people find the best eye cream and other anti aging products.

Thanks for reading about the dark circle treatments – our next Amazon.com update will be published at the end of February 2011.

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