Facial at Home , skin care all body?

Is it Ok to do facial @home?
how do we personally do a facial at home?

* Cleansing
* Exfoliants
* extraction of blackheads
* facial massage
* a mask
* toners & protective creams

and how do we continue to maintain skin?

please advice. also advice appropriate ways to take care of skin in rest of body like hands chest, legs, back……… all i do now is apply moisturizer

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  1. Christopher Ebenezer says:

    I am a Registered Nurse and I specialize in skin care and teen acne.

    After 12 years in this profession I find that most of my patients who deal with acne or brekout problems DO NOT SEE RESULTS from commercial products sold at drung stores or the mall. They usually contain too much benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur which tends to OVER DRY the skin and cause itching or irritations.

    Also, home remedies such as lemon juice or alcohol or toothpaste SHOULD NEVER BE USED because they cause small tears in the skin and leave the skin more susceptible to bacteria that causes pimples or acne.

    Your question is very broad and you need to get professional advice. I will explain why it's a broad question!

    Your age plays a role! Do you always have breakouts?

    However, acne can result from several factors such an increase in hormone levels. In males testosterone or androgens. In females, androgens respectively. The increase in androgen levels can stimulate the oil glands to become enlarged and thus more oil production is produced. An increased oil production can clog the pores with oil or sebum ( white thick substance) which cause the cell walls of the pores in the skin to breakdown. This process allows bacteria to form and thus breakouts develop.

    Genetics may also be a cause. It is a myth that greasy food or chocolate causes breakouts.

    However, using make-up sponges that are not changed or washed often can contaminate the pores with bacteria which may develop into acneic breakouts.

    Teenagers going through hormonal and growth changes are prone to acne.

    If you have severe breakouts than you might need medication. There are many factors.

    The most important thing is that you need products that are AGE APPROPRIATE! Every age group has different products appropriate for them. If you are young than you need milder products as to not dry out your beautiful young skin.

    The problem with commercial skin products is that they are manufactured for MASSES OF PEOPLE and are not specifically made for different peoples' needs.

    Your skin type is different than mine and your age differs from mine so how is it logical that we both use the same skin product for breakouts. We need different strengths of cleansers and toners. Do you kind of understand what I am getting at?

    Here is my STRONG SUGGESTION for you. I refer all my students and patients to this website:


    You need to consult with professionals and on this website YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS FOR FREE AND A SKIN EXPERT/PHYSICIAN WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. It would be a shame if you dont take advantage of this free service.

    Lastly, they have incredible products for breakouts and they make them specifically for every kind of skin type. That means that if your breakouts are more severe than mine, than while we both will buy the same product yours will have stronger ingredients than mine will.

    They have a mild glycolic acid cleanser that's great for your type of skin and also a DRYING LOTION ( I have 3 bottles) that you put directly on your breakouts and the next day it's gone. It's truely magic in a bottle.

    A basic guideline for properly taking care of your skin is this ( now if you're a young girl you will need fewer products than this):

    Night time:

    1. Exfoliate the skin
    2. Mild Glycolic Acid Cleanser
    3. Mild Glycolic Acid Toner ( cleans off the excess debris and balances the PH level of the skin).
    4. Drying Lotion used only on breakouts
    5. Moisturizer


    1. Mild Glycolic Acid Cleanser
    2. Moisturizing cream

    The above is a standard you may need to only use one or two products. Visit: http://www.aboutyourskincare.com
    As I suggested and click on the ASK FOR FREE section send them an email and you will get free expert skin care advice.

    Good Luck to you,

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