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Combination to dry skin
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  1. frenchy1... says:

    We are number 1 in Skin Care AND top ten in Color Cosmetics for the last 10 years US

    Try the Mary Kay skin care line with customized skin care products for acne etc. The best thing to with your skin is always to keep it clean as well as treating breakouts. This helps prevent breakouts and other issues.

    There are five steps to basic skin care:
    1. Cleanse
    2. Exfoliate
    3. Tone/Freshen
    4. Moisturize
    5. Protect

    The Mary Kay 3 in 1 cleanser can do the first three steps in one. The fifth step is protect. You want to use an oil free foundation which our formulas for dry normal combo and oily skin are all oil free. When your skin is protected with foundation you can wash off the impurities that your skin catches in the air. The foundation catches the irritants and impurities instead of them getting into your pores causing further breakouts. Mary Kay is satisfaction guaranteed. So if you try it and it doesnt work for you you can get different products or your money back.

    Also it is so important that when you are using skin care you use one line be it Mary Kay or Avon or a Walmart brand. They are formulated to work with one another. Mixing products not designed to work together can cause reactions in some people. ;)

    To even out skin tone you of course need to keep your skin exfoliated but also use a solution like our day and night solution. The day solution has SPF 25 in it and the Night Solution has Vitamin A and E and more in them. These collagen inducing products help to tighten and firm the skin as well as even out tone. You can add in our Microdermabrasion once or twice a week to totally exfoliate and remove dead skin. The second step of our microderm set will return your skin to its proper PH balance so you will not be rough or dry afterwards.

    I reccomend using products as follows but all skin care must be customized for an individual.

    Timewise 3 in 1 Cleanser (customized for skin type)
    Timewise Day Solution (at night use Night Solution)
    Timewise Moisturizer (customized for skin type)
    Timewise Firming Eye cream
    Additional moisturizers if needed(intense for dry spots etc)
    Foundation (customized for skin type and shade)
    Color products (use all oil free and non-comedogenic)

    Hope this was helpful!! if you need anything else to check out the line


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  2. Mommy 2 Special Needs KIDZ says:


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